Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Goodbye Princess, Hello Queen.

It seems that in my 24th year life has taken an odd and definitely unexpected turn.  I woke up the other day and realized i'm not the same person I was a year ago.  It's like I stepped into the adult zone and I can never play on the kids side again.  I mourn the loss of my childlike innocence things will never be the same.  I can't pinpoint exactly when this happened and the feeling is very bittersweet.  Happy to finally feel like a woman and take on my responsibilities, sad playing with silly putty is no longer acceptable.  Who am I kidding i'll still play with silly putty and be the first to buy a coloring book but it no longer holds the same excitement.  It's probably because I need to put away the coloring book and get back to painting on a canvas.  First I need to find my next inspiration!

Turning this new page in my life im not sure what to expect, new job? New friends? New adventures and culture shocks?  

Hopefully all of the above but in the mean time im going to take it day by day.  I will not be afraid to challenge myself and break ties with whatever holds me down.  It's not easy to start over but everyday is a new opportunity.  Thankfully I have a great support system that is always there no matter what the situation.  If life doesn't want to show you the way then make your own way. 

I feel extremely rusty writing this after years of not blogging hopefully my next few posts will flow better. 

Keep on coloring,

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