Thursday, September 22, 2011

If You Seek Me

You will find me in between the rubble.
You must sift through the tears and the smiles,
cast aside the fears and the trials.
Past the days filled with yearning and the nights with no end

There, I will be; if you seek me.
My mind is pleading for me to say
If you find me will you stay
Will you push away the past
Take my heart and give me yours
Make a promise this will last.

If you can not then let me be
for I have grown accustomed
 to the feel of my company.

Do not cry for me, not a single empty drop
For you are my design
but this will not mark the end of time
Instead shed for those who cannot smile
who cannot face another mile.

For in the end the pain I sustain is a silent solace,
to the recourse of lost lies and bitter cries.

Rejoice in my fate
for my peace is deep
felt like the steeping of tea in warm waters
While others continue to carry the burden of hate
and unforgiven matters.

I release all thoughts, resentments, and caresses
Leaving only the hope of a flame burning steady and bright
It will glow and dance until I am nothing but ashes

My spirit free, body at rest
mind and heart as one.


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