Tuesday, May 17, 2011

No Happy Endings/ Faded Desire

No Happy Endings 

Time to stop believeing in fairy tales
time to start seeing how you failed
waiting too long for you to make a move
in this dance it takes two to groove
thinking back on how you danced
I should've known I didn't have a chance.

I still can't deny the love I felt
I felt this warmth this sudden flame
the flame of hope burning so bright
this time I thought it felt so right
and like trust and desire
all hope is gone.

Time to start over
leave the past behind.
Looking straight ahead just have to keep walking
can't handle anymore of your talking.

Now I forget all the love and time spent
thinking about all the love left to give
too late for words I can't forgive.
No more thinking this has to be it
eighth time is always a charm
you just keep causing too much harm.

Taking it in stride going along for the ride
I wait and see someday i'll be a bride
no more fake smiles and words left unsaid
I take a line out of your head
it seems "Im too much to handle"
can't have someone whos going to mishandle
looking back never really understanding
why lies and pride is what you portray
I gather the strength to walk away.

    Faded Desire

I gather the strength to walk away
this strength I gather keeps you astray  
Your eyes your smile that touch I inspired 
is nothing more than a faded desire. 
Being with you is not the same
It seems I can't even remember your name.

Your words I know leave nothing to ponder
yet your eyes speak more than your words ever could
the mouth I so hungrily yearned for every second of the day
is now a vile hurtful vessel that leaves me without wonder
your words are harsh and cruel your soft lips hard and brittle.
  As you turn old and gray and filled with despair
remember who was their to guide you away
I tried to make you see the evil in your ways
I can't be your savior the cost is too steep
I have to start looking before I leap.
Next time you ache don't reach for my hand
with two separate worlds we can never be
our souls may be twined in an eternal connection
but mine is filled with affection and yours an incurable infection.


Sidenote: Written what feels like a million years ago inspiration always hits best when the chips are down.

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