Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Broken Love

The walls were painted with a dark crimson liquid and the words read "Died from a broken heart."  Nothing more nothing less, just the echoing silence of unrequited love.  Left behind were memories and heartache, the pieces of the puzzle strewn in every direction.  Family, friends and lovers trying to put the pieces together but they knew all along.  Each one held a key note to this sad symphony, they say "If only i'd listened more...cared mored."  Nothing but a cry in the dark the end has come and gone.  Her heart was too heavy the burden weighing down her every thought.  The only heart capable of stopping such a tragedy was an unforgiving heart.  Beating to a dark strange beat wrapped in a callous shell, unable to feel the writing on the wall.

The feel of the cold basin, the pulsing veins torn open gushing exploding.  One final act for the one thing worth living for.  Love.

The writings on the wall, the shout, the cry, the moment frozen in time.  One single smear as the words poured on her final canvas "Died from a broken heart." 


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