Monday, November 7, 2011


Thoughts from a friend who likes to put a different spin on this noun we call writing.


"Some people don’t really understand humor, sometimes the very falsehood or absurdity of a statement, and not the message itself, is what is funny. If you believe the statement itself to be true, and you don’t pick up the subtleties, then the point of the joke is lost on you."

Rene Hernandez


Sometimes I feel like writing

and when my pen hits the paper

it’s like i’m not even trying

words just fill the page

like the tide when it’s rising.

There are no rules to which I abide

I just put down what comes to mind

This here is my shelter

don’t mistake it for a place to hide.

The real me comes through with each letter

I can clear my thoughts, get out of a bind

for worse or for better

At least it’s a recess

to un-stress and unwind.

My natural talent is there

like an uncut sculpture

stone bare

with a little effort and workmanship

some schooling on the subject

or an apprenticeship

I could turn this

into my longest relationship.

i just refuse to let myself slip

into old age

slowly becoming mentally deranged.

So if you enjoyed this quip

be hip

and leave me a tip.

Rene Hernandez

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